Sunday, July 16, 2017

Would You Like to See Saturn?

I screamed then punched poor Martin in the arm. 
This was my reaction to seeing SATURN!!! A very “Brooklyn” reaction, I might add.

So many thoughts flooded my brain: “This has to be a prank! Am I going to have a black circle around my eye? Where are the hidden cameras? Where’s the guy with the release form for me to sign?” Plus, I didn’t keep them to myself. Anyone within a block radius heard my reaction! Some even joined us.

But there was none of that! Just a guy that doesn’t have an Instagram account (I asked) or a twitter account. He’s just a guy with a 5mm lens telescope that loves to share his view on astronomy! He showed me Saturn! Seriously, through a telescope it looks like someone slipped a slide under my nose. It was there right in from of my eye! The one looking through the lens and not exactly in front of me so to speak! I saw Saturn. 

Back story: Saturn has been squaring me for three years. First, it was squaring my Sun Sign Scorpio but now it’s squaring Sagittarius my Rising Sign. I finally had a chance to whisper to the monkey on my back! It came out a little like Norton from the Honeymooners but still I had a chance to say “Hello Saturn!”

To make my night even better, we crossed the street and set up the telescope to face JUPITER!!! Yes, Jupiter and her four moons!! Amazing!

So when a guy on the street asks you if you would like to see Saturn’s Rings….well, I will let you finish that one on your own!

Saturn is 746 million miles from Earth and has 62 moons. Can you imagine keeping track of when to release and manifest with that crowd?

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Under the Scorpio Full Moon

Can you feel the intensity of this Full Moon in Scorpio?

Last night we felt it. We bathed in in! Took a Moon Bath

A few of us went to the park and celebrated under the full moon. We used this special Scorpio Full Moon to bring a source of energy to our tarot cards. Playing detective like true Scorpios, we are constantly searching for answers ~Always trying to get to the bottoms of things! Sort of like "Columbo," "Just one more thing!"

This works great with Tarot Cards. We are always striving for a good "Reveal" in our readings! Something to expose and reach a deeper meaning to uncover the truth of the matter!

Prepared with our intentions written down, we said our prayers and utilized the universe's energy to strengthen our affirmations. We set them on fire! Everything turned to ash and clean up was easy!

Thursday, April 20, 2017

An introductory workshop to the World of Tarot!

Let's have some fun tonight! Download the app "PopShop Live" and come visit me for a bit. I am also the Retail Ambassador for this App. Contact me if you wish to become a retailer!

Tarot 101
An introductory workshop to the World of Tarot!

It seems like the perfect time to look within for answers. We all can use a little self-awareness these days. I designed this workshop so you can learn how to use your tarot cards as a tool for personal growth, self-improvement and spiritual advancement.

Learn how to care for your cards and get a basic understanding of Tarot while interacting using the PopShopLive App.

~Have your deck ready from home (that you already have a connection with) or watch this broadcast and purchase a new one shown during the workshop.

The App is only available on the iPhone right now.

Set your Reminder!

A Peek into Tarot 101 Workshop
Thursday April 20th
8pm EST

I will see you there. It is “in the cards.”

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

No Prosciutto Bread for Me!

The Holidays have started and it is all about the food! ~Palm Sunday! 

In my big, loving, Italian family this is a favorite! It’s usually set at the beginning of spring. It’s sunny and a bit warmer with a little chill still hanging around. Just enough chill for the kids to run around outside with their mothers chasing them to put their jackets back on. Of course the opposite is happening inside. Inside the house the windows are cracked begging for a breeze to come in as some conversations may be full of “hot air” and warmth from the oven with burners all going at “full steam ahead.”

We always overdo it. You can hear the meatballs and sausages bubbling in the sauce. Your senses are overloaded with Baked Ziti and Lasagna baking in the oven (one with sugar and one without) and always a protein waiting in cue. This time my sister made lamb. Other times it could be a pork dish or a roast. It will end with coffee and espresso and “S” Cookies and Italian pastries for desert. Festa!

But for me there is one big problem. Gluten! Gluten to the left of me! Gluten to the right of me! Gluten everywhere! In the crispy Italian bread. In the bread crumbs in the meatballs. In the pasta. In most of the delicious food that the family had lovingly prepared. I wouldn’t dare to eat any of it even though I can still remember the taste. So I had to come prepared.

I always make sure I prepare something the night before. I don’t want to fight for space at the stove top or the oven. That is when you find out what they mean by “Too many cooks.” I decided to make myself my favorite rosemary lemon chicken with organic brown rice.
This is one of my favorite dishes. I prepared it the other night for my friend Stacy London and her little dog Dora. They both loved it. Dora likes to yip and bark and run around. Unless she is eating chicken. Then she sits like a little angel and waits to get a tidbit.

It is a very simple dish. I am using all organic, non-gmo ingredients. No Gluten. No Corn. No Soy. No Dairy. First, coat the bottom of your baking dish with olive oil. Then lay out sprigs of fresh rosemary. Take two large lemons and slice them into round lemon slices. Place them in the dish over the rosemary. Rinse off the chicken and place it on top of the lemons. I like to use chicken tenders as it is easy to maneuver and cooks all the way through much faster than a leg or a breast. Sometimes if you cook it long enough to cook through a leg the rosemary and lemon start to burn and disintegrate. I add some garlic (chopped garlic in oil works best.) Coat all the tenders liberally. Then I cover the chicken with gluten free breadcrumbs. It will give the dish a crunchy top which is really tasty! I put it in the oven for one hour at 400 degrees. Pretty hot, I know, but you want the chicken to cook. The trick is to take two large lemons, squeeze all the juice out of them and have the juice ready to pour over the dish at the half hour mark. It will moisten the dish and stop it from burning. Keep checking that it doesn’t get too dry or that it doesn’t burn.

The lemon chicken is then served over a simple brown rice dish. I start with sautéed onions and green peas in olive oil. Then I add brown rice and keep turning it until it is all coated with oil and mixed together. Serve a scoop and put the chicken right on top, accenting with slices of roasted lemon. It is heavenly.

I prepared the dishes the night before and brought them to Palm Sunday. I just had to pop them in the oven to heat up and I had a great little meal. So good that my nieces and nephews wanted some. They didn’t care that it was gluten free. They just loved that it was delicious. Isn’t that the goal? Eat well and be happy. It just takes a little prep.

I still miss the prosciutto bread. But hey what can you do?

I just want to keep living gluten free and loving it. You can too!

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Are you “Extensive Therapy Girl?”

I had a client that came to my shop at closing one Sunday night. She had found us on the internet and wanted a “whole new wardrobe.” I stayed with her for three hours finding outfit after outfit that fit her perfectly. Clothing that flattered her shape and gave her a professional appearance that could only help in advancing her career. This was her goal.

A funny thing happened.

She didn’t like anything. Even when it fit perfectly.  Even when it flattered her shape. Even when she looked gorgeous! You see, her mind had been poisoned. I don’t know if it was by her mother, by her friends or by society. She just hated herself. She hated the way she looked. She hated the way she looked from the side and at any angle standing in front of the mirror. So she camouflaged it by wearing men’s t-shirts and bulky sweaters and jeans. So old hat! Didn’t she ever watch, “What Not to Wear” or “Big Brooklyn Style?”

I am now frustrated. I completely wasted my time, talent and effort with someone who was beyond help.  I was completely drained. I had stayed three hours after closing and she walked out empty handed, I literally collapsed with exhaustion. As she was leaving she commented, “I wish I was leaving with loads of bags of new clothes!” and I quietly said, “So do I.” At this point I did add that instead of retail therapy she should seek extensive therapy. She needed to heal from within first.

It is my experience of dressing women that you need to find the tools to help you heal both your body and your soul. It’s not just Clothing. It’s not just Diet. It’s digging deep. Finding meaning.  Finding your Spirituality. It all must all work together to let you become the best possible version of yourself. Even the best dress will not solve all of your problems.

You have to heal.

Are you “Extensive Therapy Girl?”

Monday, March 6, 2017

Gluten Free Gorgeous Balls

New York weather doesn’t leave much to the imagination these days. Either you walk out in a lightweight sweater or you’re layered up with three sweaters, a down jacket, ear muffs, two scarves and gloves. This could be just one day after it was seventy degrees.

So when it is cold, all you want is soup. Make that Hot Soup! Take it even further and make Italian Wedding Cake Soup with tiny little balls. Gorgeous Balls!

Italian Meatball Soup from Lisa Dolan on Vimeo.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Code Black…Coffee

Code Black…Coffee

We decided to cut back and have one cup of coffee to start each day. Switching back to the French press device gave us that one great cup of coffee we savored every morning until an episode of “Code Black” broke out in our kitchen.

Our French press sprung an artery and coffee streamed across the counter. We had to apply direct pressure with paper towels before our coffee flat lined. We bandaged up the glass on the French press with packing tape (the only thing available within in the time limit) and had to act fact. That one cup was bleeding out right in front of our blood shot eyes.

Once she was all taped up we were able to add more hot water and press down. We knew it would be for the last time. 

The next day...we purchased The Original French Press. :)

The Original French Press! from Lisa Dolan on Vimeo.