Thursday, April 20, 2017

An introductory workshop to the World of Tarot!

Let's have some fun tonight! Download the app "PopShop Live" and come visit me for a bit. I am also the Retail Ambassador for this App. Contact me if you wish to become a retailer!

Tarot 101
An introductory workshop to the World of Tarot!

It seems like the perfect time to look within for answers. We all can use a little self-awareness these days. I designed this workshop so you can learn how to use your tarot cards as a tool for personal growth, self-improvement and spiritual advancement.

Learn how to care for your cards and get a basic understanding of Tarot while interacting using the PopShopLive App.

~Have your deck ready from home (that you already have a connection with) or watch this broadcast and purchase a new one shown during the workshop.

The App is only available on the iPhone right now.

Set your Reminder!

A Peek into Tarot 101 Workshop
Thursday April 20th
8pm EST

I will see you there. It is “in the cards.”

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