Monday, March 6, 2017

Gluten Free Gorgeous Balls

New York weather doesn’t leave much to the imagination these days. Either you walk out in a lightweight sweater or you’re layered up with three sweaters, a down jacket, ear muffs, two scarves and gloves. This could be just one day after it was seventy degrees.

So when it is cold, all you want is soup. Make that Hot Soup! Take it even further and make Italian Wedding Cake Soup with tiny little balls. Gorgeous Balls!

Italian Meatball Soup from Lisa Dolan on Vimeo.


  1. Where's the bread?

    Or would that be overkill?

    That's right, I couldn't say something simple and nice like Yummy.

    My cross to bear.

    Don't worry, Jim will explain the meshuggah.

  2. Yummy!

    Is that an Old World recipe?

  3. I love that you used the leftovers from the night before. Did you drain the pot after cooking the meatballs or add the stock and ingredients?

  4. No I fried the meatballs in the pot. When it was cooked I added the water and some chicken stock to let is simmer. Then after it cooked for at least an hour I added the rice. Right at the end so it didn't get too starchy and adsorb all the liquid.