Sunday, July 16, 2017

Would You Like to See Saturn?

I screamed then punched poor Martin in the arm. 
This was my reaction to seeing SATURN!!! A very “Brooklyn” reaction, I might add.

So many thoughts flooded my brain: “This has to be a prank! Am I going to have a black circle around my eye? Where are the hidden cameras? Where’s the guy with the release form for me to sign?” Plus, I didn’t keep them to myself. Anyone within a block radius heard my reaction! Some even joined us.

But there was none of that! Just a guy that doesn’t have an Instagram account (I asked) or a twitter account. He’s just a guy with a 5mm lens telescope that loves to share his view on astronomy! He showed me Saturn! Seriously, through a telescope it looks like someone slipped a slide under my nose. It was there right in from of my eye! The one looking through the lens and not exactly in front of me so to speak! I saw Saturn. 

Back story: Saturn has been squaring me for three years. First, it was squaring my Sun Sign Scorpio but now it’s squaring Sagittarius my Rising Sign. I finally had a chance to whisper to the monkey on my back! It came out a little like Norton from the Honeymooners but still I had a chance to say “Hello Saturn!”

To make my night even better, we crossed the street and set up the telescope to face JUPITER!!! Yes, Jupiter and her four moons!! Amazing!

So when a guy on the street asks you if you would like to see Saturn’s Rings….well, I will let you finish that one on your own!

Saturn is 746 million miles from Earth and has 62 moons. Can you imagine keeping track of when to release and manifest with that crowd?