Thursday, May 11, 2017

Under the Scorpio Full Moon

Can you feel the intensity of this Full Moon in Scorpio?

Last night we felt it. We bathed in in! Took a Moon Bath

A few of us went to the park and celebrated under the full moon. We used this special Scorpio Full Moon to bring a source of energy to our tarot cards. Playing detective like true Scorpios, we are constantly searching for answers ~Always trying to get to the bottoms of things! Sort of like "Columbo," "Just one more thing!"

This works great with Tarot Cards. We are always striving for a good "Reveal" in our readings! Something to expose and reach a deeper meaning to uncover the truth of the matter!

Prepared with our intentions written down, we said our prayers and utilized the universe's energy to strengthen our affirmations. We set them on fire! Everything turned to ash and clean up was easy!

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